During more than thirty years of involvement in property management, members of CFL Rental Lifestyles Team have mastered the complicated subtleness of property management and have gained a solid reputation in the industry by delivering innovative and cost-effective management plans for our clients.

Our clients depend upon our attention to detail, our poise, people skills, inexhaustible sense of humor and good people sense. It helps that we know how to light a pilot, what to do to avoid AC drain from backing up and whom to call if the roof is leaking. In addition to these skills, our team of accomplished professionals provides valuable expertise in accounting, budgeting, auditing and project management.

We currently manage a diverse portfolio of condominiums and single family homes throughout Central Florida Area. We work very diligently to make sure:

- Our Landlords make more money - We offer affordable management solutions as we manage so many properties, we receive volume discounts from a wide range of trusted contractors and service providers. These savings are passed directly to the landlords.

- Our Tenants get timely service - Tenants like working with us. We’re honest, fair, take care of issues very quickly and go out of our way to show our appreciation. Happy tenants stick around longer.


CFL Rental Lifestyles is a proud member of NARPM® - National Association of Residential Property Managers and certified by REPM™ - Real Estate Property Management Specialist.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to speak with us, simply click "contact us" link and fire it away.

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